Friday, November 25, 2011

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[1] Hostgator & VOIPo offers only valid on Black Friday. Fishbowl Inventory offer valid through November 28th. Method Integration and Unlimited Payroll deals valid through December 1st.
[2] Intuit Online Payroll account managed by Go Get Geek! for up to 10 employees and 2 states. Unlimited technical support for QuickBooks and QuickBooks-related issues only provided by phone, remote online session, or in-person, subject to availability.
[3] 20% off my current hourly rate for limited technical support for Hostgator setup, including domain and e-mail account set up, web page design, and file management if purchased via image link.
[4] Free Go Get Geek! technical support only when referral phone number used.
[5] Technical support offer only valid when referred by Go Get Geek! Contact us so that we can get you in touch with our sales rep at Fishbowl Inventory.
[6] Method Integration pricing starts December 1st. Free screen includes up to 10 fields, 10 basic objects, 1 grid or calendar object, and 10 actions and is valid with first month of paid subscription to Go Get Geek!.

Friday, October 7, 2011

QuickBooks 2012: New Paths to Better, Faster Financial Management

As it usually does this time of year, Intuit has introduced new versions of its Pro and Premier products. QuickBooks 2012 promises to help you get better organized, save steps, and acquire more in-depth financial insights.

The new Express Start is designed for businesses that want to blast through setup and start entering customers and invoices. You have two other options, though: Advanced Setup is the old EasyStep interview that solicits more details. You can also open an existing file or convert data from Quicken or other accounting software.

Express Start requires minimal input: company name, industry, company type, tax ID, and contact information. After you save your company file, it lets you start adding or importing customers/vendors/employees, products/services, and bank accounts.

Figure 1: Express Start simplifies company setup.

An Activity-Driven Calendar

QuickBooks' Reminders keep you apprised of each day's tasks, but they don't provide any information about the past or future. QuickBooks 2012 solves this problem with its new Calendar. When you enter an appointment, to-do, or key business task (invoices, bills, purchase orders, etc.), it appears in the calendar. You can display a graphical view of the month that tallies activities for each day and lists them below. Daily and weekly views are in list form. And links open the original documents.


Figure 2: The new Calendar displays daily, weekly, and monthly views of your financial transactions.

Save Excel Formatting

Once you've formatted a QuickBooks report in Excel, it's frustrating to have to reformat it each time you run it for different time periods and/or with your ever-changing content.  Excel Integration Refresh simplifies this process. You can now export a report to Excel, make formatting changes and save them, and then reapply them later to the same type of report using different date ranges and your updated QuickBooks data. Acceptable alterations include:

·         Row and column header font formatting
·         New formulas
·         Renamed column and row headers, and report titles
·         Resized columns
·         Inserted columns and rows
·         Inserted formula text

You can do this by opening your report in QuickBooks and clicking Update an existing worksheet, or by launching your report in Excel and clicking the QuickBooks tab on the toolbar, then the Update Report button.

Figure 3: This window opens when you click Update Report in Excel.

A New Report Community

There's always room for more report formats. QuickBooks 2012 offers a library of Contributed Reports, variations created either by Intuit or your fellow users. You can select one of these, like Customer Sales By Quantity By Item Detail and instantly populate it with your own data.

You can sort these templates by industry and rating, and view them as a list, in a grid, or in the Report Center's Carousel view.

Centralized Operations

QuickBooks 2012 also saves you time with its new Centers. The Inventory Center works similarly to those available for customers, vendors, and employees. It's a clearinghouse of item records and transactions that can be viewed and sorted. You can also do inventory housekeeping tasks here, like adding items and launching transactions.

The Lead Center helps you carefully track new leads that you either paste in from Excel or enter manually. You can add to-dos and notes to contact records, and convert them into customers.

Upgrading Can Be Tricky

Intuit has included other, smaller time-saving organizational and reporting tools in QuickBooks 2012, like One-Click Transactions, which lets you create related transactions from existing ones (i.e., invoice to credit memo) with one click.

There's nothing especially difficult about using most of QuickBooks 2012's new features. But upgrading and setup are sometimes quirky, and the Excel Integration Refresh tool has a learning curve. We're happy to help you start your company file on the right foot or get acclimated to this latest version.

Figure 4; Track your leads and convert them into customers in the new Lead Center.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick, Easy, & Affordable Payroll with One-Click Import into QuickBooks!

Are you one of many businesses spending too much money on outsourced payroll?

Is your business using ADP or Paychex to process your payroll?

Don't you wish it was easier to import payroll into QuickBooks?

If you answered yes to any of these question, then I have a solution for you!

As a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, I have been offering to do my clients' payroll for years with an online payroll service provided to me by Intuit, the makers of Quicken and QuickBooks. Each payday, all I need is the employee hours and I take care of the rest. Everything is taken care of including:
  • Direct deposit with detailed pay stubs
  • Paycheck printing
  • Employee online access to pay stubs
  • All tax calculations and payments
  • Sick, vacation, and holiday pay accruals
  • Contractor payments & 1099 filings
  • Easy-to-read detailed payroll reports
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed
All this and more for less than what you would pay for ADP or Paychex. And if you still want to manage your own payroll, you can still use my online service and pay less than what you are paying for Enhanced Payroll for QuickBooks!

What makes this service even better? Now you can import your payroll into QuickBooks for Windows with just ONE CLICK! I've started using this method and I am very impressed. Forget about exporting and importing spreadsheets or entering confusing journal entries; with just the click of a button, all of your paycheck details, liability payments, and tax accruals come automatically into QuickBooks.

Take a look for yourself and watch this Demo.

Or test drive a Sample Company

I use this payroll service for my own business. Now, Go Get Geek! for your business' payroll.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take QuickBooks Online and Add Custom Fields, Activities, and More with Method Integration

I am absolutely amazed with this "new" offering that most people are not aware of, what I call QuickBooks on Steroids (but in a good way). I guess I should call it QuickBooks on Supplements to sound more positive. Anyway, a bunch of very smart Canadians finally took the entire accessible QuickBooks database and put it into the cloud, which is to say they brought it online as a web-based application. Now an unlimited number of multiple users can access and view simultaneously lists, transactions, reports, you name it from QuickBooks files imprisoned on the Desktop Computer. You can also create new transactions, customize reports and templates and print directly from the web.

Now the real kicker is that there is an endless possibility to customize and build on top of your QuickBooks data to match your own business' processes. This means you can created unlimited custom fields, activities with calendars, actions that cause other things to happen, and more! But the nice thing is that they have done a lot of the work already by including a CRM to track potential customers as leads, which can then be turned into QuickBooks customers with one click. There is also a Field Service module to schedule and track work orders for contractors working on-site where they can do time-tracking of their time on jobs, enter comments, and re-schedule jobs.

Manage your entire business in one place. With just at least one version of QuickBooks, your business can save tons of time and money by eliminating network hassles, difficult workarounds, and user-license limits. Access your business data anytime, anywhere with a computer, tablet, and even smartphones and iPhones with Internet access.

If you want to see it action with live data and take advantage of special discounted pricing, contact me. As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Method Certified Account Manager, we can provide the best cost-effective solution for your business.

Visit me at Go Get Geek!

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